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 This is Pastor Bill. Would you like to post a prayer request? Are you sick, need a prayer for healing or a financial blessing? Addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography or something else? Need a special healing prayer for yourself a family member friend or acquaintance? Give yourself or them the gift of Divine favor. I personally pray over all these urgent prayer requests. Then they are sent on to the holy land of Israel and placed in the cracks of the kotel [ the wailing wall ] where people from around the world and from every religion come to pray. Even Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI each put a christian prayer request in the cracks of the wall. When the prayers are finally picked up they are buried in a special holy spot [ the geniza ] that reinforces all these prayers for healing for years to come. The Jewish people believe that prayer put in the cracks of the kotel will be answered by God. People judge people by what they have. Jesus judged people by what they give and by their works they shall be saved. [ because faith without works is dead. James 2:14-26 ]
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